BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Modules Overview

BlueCielo offers additional modules which can be implemented in BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise to offer specific functionalities.

Key features:

  • BC [M] Asset Management Module

    The Asset Management Module ensures the performance of mission-critical assets and avoids costly operational disruptions by integrating engineering content managed by BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise with systems such as MRO Maximo, SAP Plant Maintenance, FAMIS, Datastream, Ultimo and others.
  • BC [M] Advanced Project Workflow

    The Advanced Project Workflow module is the newest add-on module for BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise. It enables the management of complex projects and fully supports the Management of Change processes of Owner/Operators to assure regulatory compliance.
  • BC [M] eMail Manager

    The eMail Management module integrates email processing with BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, centralizing email storage, reducing the cost of authoring applications and supporting regulatory compliance by tracking and tracing email correspondence.
  • BC [M] Explorer

    The Explorer module provides significant benefits for global owner/operators and engineering contractors that need timely access to technical asset information and documentation across the enterprise by reducing search time for documents, and facilitating global and immediate access to accurate as-built information.
  • BC [M] FDA Module

    The FDA module is an out-of-the-box business solution that manages current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) engineering documentation throughout the enterprise. The module also adds specific features to the core data management engine that help minimize risk, ensure compliance, and avoid costly recalls.
  • BC [M] Global Collaboration Framework

    The Global Collaboration module enables the smooth exchange of engineering content and facilitates seamless collaboration and synchronization between geographically dispersed teams, allowing them to work as a single "virtual" team.
  • BC [M] Project Portal

    The Project Portal module enables highly configurable web-based document management in large projects requiring multiple contractors. Features include transmittal management, import and export facilities, information flows, reporting and full audit trail of all changes to documentation.
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